Photons is Python3.6+ framework for interacting with LIFX products.

There are three main ways of using Photons:

Using the lifx script

Once you have pip installed lifx-photons-core into your python environment, you will have a lifx script on your PATH.

You can use photons functionality via this script.

See LIFX script

As a walled garden

You can create scripts where you define the fulfillment of some task and photons handles the commandline arguments and configuration files for you.

See Making a Photons Script

As a library

Alternatively you can handle how the user gets to your code and just use the functionality of photons to interact with LIFX devices.

See Using Photons as a library


It is highly recommended you use a virtualenv as your python environment. See Using Venvstarter for example use of a tool I built for managing virtualenvs.